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Art 4 Good Foundation, Inc., is located in Downtown Palm Springs in the historic district; within the former Clark Gable Estate. Open to the public on weekends, art “speaks”. Art speaks in 41 languages. Tourists and locals alike can view hundreds of works of art by Renowned and Collectible Artists from all over the world. *see collective artist credits that follow herein.

Admission is free, and our museum space, consisting of three galleries, is also made available, at no cost, for viable local charities who wish to host fundraising events.

"Art Speaks": “Inspiring change, with every brush stroke”, it is the mission of the Art4Good Foundation to enlighten the public to the real value of art and creativity. Art is subjective, yet it requires no translator. Art speaks in every language, and can be utilized as a strategic "tool" to engage interest and commonality via education, availability, and exchange of ideas worldwide. Art provides good will, emanating from the United States, throughout the entire world; not unlike the popularity of our best exports of music, films and automobiles, we intend, in the near future, to focus and enhance our mission to "export culture", sharing the works of international artists, beyond our borders.

“Art heals.”: Founding Chairperson, Wendie Busig-Kohn suffers from Systemic Lupus, a crippling disease that was diagnosed in 1992, when doctors told her to “get her affairs in order”. After several strokes and seizures, she chose to eliminate most, if not all of her prescriptions and discovered that when creating, the left brain shifting to the right, her pain would disappear, if only for a little while, when painting. As a result, she became an advocate for “Art and Healing” and published a book of the same title.

ART4GOOD Foundation, Inc. provides a multitude of social media outlets for burgeoning artists to showcase their works, at NO cost. ART4GOOD also sponsors “The Artist In You” blog, where artists can engage others in the inspiration behind their works, and enjoy reading additional creative posts, including, but not limited to poetry and music.

To date, we have also published seven ART and ART/Poetry books, to enhance the stature of burgeoning artists as "published artists". Costs for publication have been paid entirely by ART4GOOD Foundation, Inc., and proceeds from sales are donated to support ARTS in SCHOOLS programs.

ART4GOOD has also created videos to showcase new artists' works, showcased on The Artist In You TV Channel on You Tube. Art4Good created The Artist In You TV channel on You Tube, which offers thousands of videos for the public to find including educational, creative, and inspirational videos along with full length movies and music videos too.

In summary, it is the mission of the ART4GOOD Foundation, Inc.
to communicate, inspire, and support the ever changing world of art,
via education by visualization and participation.

ARTISTS GIVE BACK: "Helping Burgeoning Artists Help themselves and others":The concept of Philanthropic Marketing was the premise of Ms. Busig-Kohn’s participation and presentation back in 1995, when invited to The State Of The World Forum, by then President Mikhail Gorbachev. Advocating that all primary brands “identify” with charities was, in fact, her idea.
Since that time, thousands of celebrities have also added their support to this concept, and thousands of fundraising projects were enhanced by their participation. In contrast, and substantiated by the NEA, statistics prove that the majority of visual artists in America today, live well below the poverty line. However, our statistics prove that when artists establish their own “philanthropic brand”, it enhances their sales and underscores success in their field.

We have donated funds to the following charities:

Shakira’s Barefoot Foundation
Thorn/DNA Foundation
Dream Catchers Wild Horse and Burro Sanctuary
Habitat for Humanity
Feeding America
Doctors without Borders
Stand up 2 Cancer
Animal Humane Society
Amnesty International
Autism Speaks
St Judes Hospital
Nothing but Nets
United Nations Foundation
International Rescue Committee
Make a Wish Foundation
Elton John AIDS Foundation
ONE Campaign
Native American Heritage Association
The Prince's Trust
Clinton Foundation
Andre Agassi Foundation
M J Fox Parkinson's Foundation
Lupus LA
Give Back Hollywood
Barbra Streisand CrowdRise Team for Women's Heart Center
The Trevor Project
American Red Cross
Project Arrowhead
Feed A Child 2012
Enough Project
Team Tre: Sickle Cell Disease
Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation,
Wounded Warriors,
Reader to Reader,
Native American Heritage Association,
American Cancer Society,
Cure Epilepsy Campaign,
Operation Respect,
BDPA NY Scholarship,
Imagine Scholar Inc,
Will Ferrell's Cancer For College Campaign,
Edward Norton's Maasai Wilderness Campaign
Jason Bateman's City Year Campaign
The Daniel Pearl Foundation
Christopher's Clubhouse Foundation
Angel View Crippled Children's Foundation
Conservation Lands Foundation

All donations are posted publicly on


A Japanese Courtyard by Derek Rutt


The Clouded Hills England by Derek Rutt


Hot Air Over Tuscany Lavender At Sunset by Derek Rutt


An Autumn Morning In Tuscany by Derek Rutt


The Fields Of Tuscany by Derek Rutt


The Rolling Green Fields Of Tuscany by Derek Rutt


Evening In Paris by Derek Rutt


Lightning Over Westminster by Derek Rutt


To The One She Loves by Derek Rutt


The Pyramids by Derek Rutt


Evening In Old Bremen by Derek Rutt


The Pirate Tower Laguna by Derek Rutt


Night Time Fog In Paris by Derek Rutt


Autumn Roots by Derek Rutt


Casting The Nets by Derek Rutt


She Rolls Her Own by Derek Rutt


An Indian Market by Derek Rutt


In A Chinese Kitchen by Derek Rutt


Sunset On The Blue Roofs by Derek Rutt


Under The Blue Roof by Derek Rutt


Fields Of Yellow by Derek Rutt


Autumn Avenue II by Derek Rutt


Autumn Avenue by Derek Rutt


Pipe Smoker by Derek Rutt


The Eiffel Tower In The Rain by Derek Rutt


Under The Bridge by Derek Rutt


Umbrella Street In China by Derek Rutt


Lighting The Way by Derek Rutt


Dancing Into Autumn by Derek Rutt


Shades of Autumn Reflections by Derek Rutt


Autumn In The Forest by Derek Rutt


Pink Autumn by Derek Rutt


Autumn Over The Rocks by Derek Rutt


Orange Autumn by Derek Rutt


Autumn Spread by Derek Rutt


Close Up on Autumn by Derek Rutt


Autumn In The Gorge by Derek Rutt


White Petals In The Mist by Derek Rutt


Beneath The Autumn Branches by Derek Rutt


Autumn Overhang by Derek Rutt


Flower Dream by Derek Rutt


Another Dream in Red and White by Derek Rutt


The Voodoo Lily Another Color by Derek Rutt


Hanging Lilies by Derek Rutt


More Calla Lilies by Derek Rutt


Flowers In Shades of White by Derek Rutt


Another Voodoo Lily by Derek Rutt


Another Calla Lily by Derek Rutt